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Wooden Floor

All Cedheco products are designed to be eco-friendly. We choose to work with only those materials
that have met the standard for environmental sustainability. 

For example:

Bamboo which grows extremely fast. It produces 12 times more material than a typical tree.  Very sustainable.
Cork can be harvested every 5 years from the same tree. Also, a truly sustainable product. It is even sought after for its thermal insulation, and acoustic isolation properties.
Reclaimed Wood such as old barn wood to repurpose on other projects. Having a distinctive character and likely a compelling story to tell.
ACRE as a wood alternative. This material (made from rice hulls) is incredibly water resistant, easy to work with and 100% recyclable. 
Thermally Modified Wood
products are rot and insect resistant replacing the need for unsustainable wood materials normally used in outdoor or high moisture areas. The process is chemical-free and the timber is sourced locally from FSC certified forest growers.
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)  We only work with companies that have met guidelines for responsibly managed, sustainable forests. 

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Kitchen and Living Area



Paperless Routine

Save a tree or two or three...

Go paperless when possible.

Plant a tree. Plant many trees.

Read a book under your tree.

Take Action

Go Explore 

 Home Ideas

Weatherize your home

Use energy efficient appliances

Change to better bulbs

Power your home with renewable energy

Take the time to enjoy the great outdoors. You will better appreciate your efforts toward a more sustainable environment. Plus, we all need a little adventure to recharge our batteries

Many Thanks To Our Environmentally Conscious Customers 
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