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Changes to our climate continue to multiply and affect us in profound ways across the globe. We wanted to do our part to mitigate these occurrences.


With the many  years of combined construction experience, it made sense to turn our focus to building materials. Specifically sustainable products such as bamboo, cork, FSC certified materials and reclaimed wood. Not only are these products eco-friendly but also provide a warm, easy to maintain, hospitable environment for everyone to enjoy.


We are encouraged by the trend toward sustainable materials and other ideas are being developed all the time. From small grass roots movements to amazing new technological advances. This is how we remain hopeful.

Sustainable building materials is our gig. What is yours? We would love to hear your story.   



"The environment is where we all meet; where all of us have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share." -- Lady Bird Johnson

Giving Back
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Climate change is no longer a distant concern. It is happening now and the changes we are seeing are occurring much faster than anything in the past geological record. Consider the last four years have been the warmest on Earth since record keeping began and CO2 levels are off the charts.  


We can still make a difference though.  Today, consumers are demanding products from sustainable sources and an increasing number of major corporations are beginning the conversation toward clean energy and even deforestation-free supply chains.

Countries across the globe are creating and maintaining protected lands and launching initiatives towards more sustainable forest management. These countries as well as private landowners are also restoring degraded and deforested land. These initiatives help to maintain healthy, intact forests and reduce emissions from the deforestation process. This is especially critical in areas like the Amazon as well as the boreal (taiga) forests which comprise the world’s largest land biome.  

Even individually we can do our part. Whether you choose to drive an electric car, bike to work, reduce water waste, start a community group or simply avoid single use plastics, it all has its positive place in the effort to mitigate further adverse effects.

Together, with the help from supporters like you, we ARE making a difference.

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