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Unique Characteristics 

Reclaimed wood attracts homeowners and builders with its beautiful grain and refined antique character. After hundreds of years of use, this grain in wood actually becomes tighter, making it very strong and durable. When reclaimed wood is incorporated into the design of a home or a business, the originality of character is noticed and admired immediately.  

There are many factors behind reclaimed woods’ growing popularity:


Quality and Strength 

Reclaimed hardwood is much denser and stronger than new wood, because it comes from old growth trees. This means that it had hundreds of years to grow slowly in the shade of larger trees, protected from sun and rain.  


Preserving Natural Resources

With reclaimed wood we are helping to preserve the natural timber resources for additional future use. Less demand for virgin lumber means less logging and therefore less deforestation. The total tree count around the globe has fallen by about 50% since the beginning of human civilization!!! It is good to know we can help reduce this tragic loss together by choosing eco-friendly products such as reclaimed wood.

Reduced Pollution

Deconstructing reclaimed wood has an extremely low impact on the environment when compared to the manufacturing and treatment processes that are required of new wood products. Much of the lumber from reclaimed sources has already been treated. This means less chemicals being released into the environment, protecting our soil, wildlife and watersheds.



Reclaimed wood offers unique qualities

that new hardwood simply does not have. Because each board comes from old, recycled wood, and has already weathered years of use, no two pieces will be an exact match in color or texture. That truly makes each piece one-of-a-kind!  

When using reclaimed wood for your project, you are giving old wood new life and preserving the history of its past assignment. You are not simply adding another eco-friendly building material to your structure, you are telling a story to share with others. Discussions around your new install for your your home or office might be more interesting if your floors were taken from an old blacksmith’s barn from the frozen north. Or maybe your wall feature was previously a train station from a small town on the Midwest plains that was built from material delivered by that train.


Many home and business owners strive to be more eco-friendly. One of the many reasons reclaimed wood products are becoming increasingly popular. It is inherently sustainable and requires far fewer resources to process, making it a viable choice for astute designers around the world.

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