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Earth Weave Natural Wool Carpet


Earth Weave Carpet Mill’s commitment to crafting 100% natural fiber carpets and area rugs is unsurpassed in the industry. Their commitment lies in taking advantage of the ultimate manufacturer - Mother Nature and her renewable natural resources. All products use either raw natural colored wool or OrganoSoftColor™ dyes (organic). With absolutely no toxic stain or fire retardant treatments or mothproofing chemicals, period. They only produce 100% natural wool floor coverings that are innovative and high quality used for both residential and light commercial applications.


Committed to 100% sustainable resource floor-coverings.  Earth Weave believes a truly green company must be sustainable and offer a healthy product. By having healthy, sustainable products that are naturally based, the planet is replenished at the end of a product's lifecycle. This is true recycling! Bio-Floor™ is 100% bio-degradable and if taken to the landfill will decompose just as trees, brush and grass clippings do. The nutrients then go back into the earth to be used in whatever way mother nature sees fit. From Nature To Nature™. Uniquely by Earth Weave.

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