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HempWool Insulation

Manufactured with renewable energy, US grown hemp fiber, and innovative technology, HempWool® is the healthy choice in Thermal Insulation. This bio, plant based insulation is ideal for use in all your thermal areas.   

At R-3.7/in, the insulation factor of HempWool is comparable to many products on the market, such as fiberglass insulation, mineral wool insulation, or sheeps wool insulation.

HempWool has a negative carbon footprint.

It offsets and stores more carbon dioxide than is emitted from the manufacturing process!

Benefits: Healthy, non-toxic, mold-resistant, non-irritating, resists pests and easy to install.


HempWool Pricing

2.0" Thick R 7     $1.10 per square foot 
3.5" Thick R 13   $1.45 per square foot
5.5" Thick R 20   $2.25 per square foot
7.5" Thick R 28   $2.95 per square foot

*Pricing does not include shipping

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You can truly feel the difference with HempWool.

No more itchy pink stuff! Hempitecture HempWool® is a thermal insulation building material that is good for you and our planet. Made of 90% natural fiber, HempWool® is the safe, healthy, and sustainable choice for your insulation requirements.

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A healthy home starts here with HempWool®. Insulation is one of the last things on your mind when building your home. The last thing you need is unhealthy, toxic materials transferred into your walls. Be proactive and get the healthiest best performing insulation money can buy.


If you wouldn't touch a product with your hands, why cover all of your home with it? HempWool® is 90% hemp fiber and 10% binder. Due to its simple composition and non-toxic additives, it is safe to touch and handle without gloves. Giving you peace of mind during and after install.


The pressure fit system keeps HempWool® in place with no slumping or sagging allowing you

to reduce heating and cooling costs. The high thermal inertia of HempWool® is also a phase-shift resistant feature, keeping your home comfortable year round in all climates.

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