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Terms and Conditions

 Payment Terms

1.  Standard payment terms include full balance paid prior to shipment.  

2.  A 50% deposit may be applied to ensure individual product availability for the customer in the event out of stock material is due for fulfillment by the manufacturer within 30 days.  

3.  A 50% deposit is required for orders with material requiring custom milling (such as reclaimed wood). Receipt of the deposit is necessary before a proposal is considered an order and scheduled for production.

4.  Where a partial shipment, order addition or other event impacting an order occurs, the customer is expected to reestablish the required deposit for materials remaining to ship.

5.  Payment can generally be made via wire transfer, cashier’s check, company check. Or credit card (Visa or MasterCard) with a 3% service fee. 


Seller provides only those warranties on products sold for that which is provided by the manufacturer unless otherwise expressly stated in writing. Buyer undertakes the complete and entire responsibility of determining whether the products purchased from seller meet the requirements or use suitable for buyer’s intended purpose.

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