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Plyboo Bamboo Flooring

Stiletto Strand Bamboo Flooring

A more contemporary release in bamboo flooring -- Plyboo Stiletto® is the strongest and most durable addition to the strand flooring line. Stiletto is manufactured to be three times harder than traditional red oak flooring, making it perfect for both residential and retail applications. 


With click-lock technology, Stiletto is also very easy to install. It can be glued down or floated with a choice of PlybooQuiet® or PlybooFit® underlayment pads. In tandem, Stiletto and PlybooQuiet and PlybooFit have been proven to significantly reduce noise abatement and can relieve leg stress in retail or fitness environments. Most striking is Stiletto’s beauty. The brushed surface and palette of six proprietary stains and finishes add style and elegance to any project.


Because it is a Plyboo product, Stiletto meets the CA Section 01350 low emission standards and is FSC® Certified 100%.

Stiletto Strand Location

Stiletto Strand


HARDNESS                              JANKA AVERAGE HARDNESS 3500 lbf

DIMENSIONS                          9/16” x 5” x 72”

INSTALL                                     GLUE DOWN or FLOATING FLOOR

PRICE                                         LISTED PRICING IS PER SQ FT

Edge Grain Bamboo Flooring

One of the most popular alternatives to hardwood flooring, Plyboo edge grain bamboo flooring with its modern linear lines has become one of the most recognized and requested bamboo flooring for interior finishes. Its straight, clean lines create a vibrant and fresh feel for a wide range of environments.


Plyboo edge grain bamboo flooring is offered in Amber and Natural colors and is protected by a durable Polyurethane finish. This product blends well for residential, commercial and hospitality applications.

Edge Grain Products Location

Edge Grain


HARDNESS                              JANKA AVERAGE HARDNESS 1700 lbf

DIMENSIONS                          5/8” x 3 5/8” x 72”
SURFACE                                  DURABLE POLYURETHANE FINISH

INSTALL                                     GLUE DOWN or FLOAT w T&G ADHESIVE

PRICE                                         LISTED PRICING IS PER SQ FT