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Arbor Wood Siding

Arbor Wood Co. (AWCo) is the innovative choice in providing Thermally Modified™ Wood Siding

The timber is domestically sourced using sustainably harvested wood which undergoes

a patented thermal modification process. Thermal modification uses high heat and steam to alter the dimensional composition of timber. The wood is now less absorbent resulting in an increase of material stability with less warping and minimal expansion and contraction. Additionally, the organic compounds are cooked out of the wood removing the properties that cause rot and attract insects.


The result is high-quality, performance-driven timber, which sustains the beauty and design element of the natural wood grain.

AWCo_Denver House Close Up.jpg

Thermally Modified Ash 

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White Ash or Pine
Available in 5" x .75"
Tongue & Groove  

White Ash is also available in
3" x .75" T&G and
Hidden Fastener Profile
4.5" x .75"


Tongue & Groove Profile

T&G Pricing:  
Ash 5" 
$18.84 sq ft ~ $7.85 ln ft
Ash 3" 
$19.85 sq ft ~ $4.96
 ln ft
Pine 5" 
$13.20 sq ft ~ $5.50 ln ft
Pine 5" (added finish) 18.75 sq ft

Hidden Fastener Pricing:  
Ash 4.5" 
$17.95 sq ft ~ $7.48 ln ft


Hidden Fastener Profile

The pricing for each image is per sq ft. These particular products are pre-stained. You can also finish your TMW siding with an exterior UV protective surface finish to maintain the original raw color. This is not necessary if you prefer to have your exterior siding take on the natural weathered silver gray color over time as it is exposed to the elements. See time lapse below.


Thermal modification creates beautiful, rich tones that extend through the full thickness of the material.
The grain and unique characteristics of the wood remain. An exterior environment will transition Arbor Wood to a silver gray when unfinished or you can apply a clear finish with UV inhibitors to slow this process. 

Ash Raw Planks.jpg

Ash Raw Unfinished

Ash Planks 6-12 Months.jfif

Ash Aged 6-12 Months

Ash Planks Weathered.jpeg

Ash Fully Weathered

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