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Trestlewood Photo 8314 Antique Oak Skip-Planed Flooring.jpg

Oak Skip-Planed

Antique Oak Smooth.jfif

Oak Smooth Surface

Mixed Hardwood Smooth.jfif

Mixed Hardwood

Classic Souther Yellow Pine Smooth.jfif

Southern Yellow Pine

Picklewood Cypress.jfif

Cypress Picklewood

Classic Heart Pine Smooth.jfif

Classic Heart Pine

Salty Fir Smooth.jfif

TW Salty Fir

Classic Douglas Fir Smooth.jfif

Classic Douglas Fir


Our reclaimed wood is available with several different textures. Skip-planed, circle sawn and smooth surface.

Skip-planed: A texture that is achieved by lightly planing sections of the as is face of weathered timber. Standard skip-planed flooring typically involves a mix of boards with 30% skipped and 70% smooth. You can also request your own mix.

Circle Sawn: This process cuts an irregular pattern leaving circular blade markings on the face to create an authentic rustic texture. Also known as “rough sawn” or “original surface”.

Smooth Surface: These boards are run through a planer and therefore provide the smoothest of all textures. The aesthetic is universal and applied in many different environments.

No matter which texture you choose, you’ll enjoy exemplary craftsmanship achieved both by nature and our artisans working together.

Skip-Planed Oak

Skip-Planed Reclaimed

Smooth Surface Oak

Smooth Surface Reclaimed

Mixed Hardwood

Mixed Reclaimed Hardwoods

Southern Yellow Pine

Yellow Pine

Additional Softwood

Additional Reclaimed Softwood
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